PCB Assembly Australia: Finding a Reputable Manufacturer

by superadmin on March 16, 2017 in Blog

Quality PCB assembly is critical to many industries including computer, telecommunications, scientific equipment, security and automotive. All these industries require precision and high standards, which is why the core of their components and products must be of high precision and quality.

For your specific industry and application, you need printed circuit boards that will meet your strict requirements. This way, your products will meet quality standards and customer expectations.

To accomplish this, you need to find a reputable PCB assembly company. Before you select one, it is essential to take a few important considerations:

1. Does the company provide a complete turnkey solution?

Do you need a complete service wherein your PCBs are designed, manufactured, tested and packaged? With a complete turnkey solution, your company will be saving on costs and management time.

Sourcing the design, manufacturing, testing and packaging from different companies will add to the costs. Inefficiencies are there because of more communication, transport costs and tracking of the outputs.

A complete printed circuit board assembly service can help you focus more on ensuring that your quality standards are being met.

2. What is their inspection and testing method?

The inner layers of the printed circuit boards should undergo inspection and testing before the lamination process. One main reason is that the mistakes will not be corrected after the lamination.

Manufacturers perform Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) on the PCBs. This is done by scanning the board and comparing the generated image from the original design data.

Your company might also have specific test procedures and requirements. The manufacturer’s electronics engineers can also perform electrical testing for compliance.

3. What is their Quality Control System?

Automation led to more and faster production. However, mistakes can also be magnified or scale up due to automation.

That is why a strict and refined Quality Control System should be in place. This goes beyond the production and assembly of the PCBs themselves.

From the receiving of the order up to the delivery of the assembled PCBs, each step must be properly documented. This way, mistakes will be prevented or corrected if issues arise. In addition, you gain assurance about the manufacturer’s adherence to your requirements.

PCB assembly Australia

At Allegro Services, we provide a complete turnkey solution when it comes to PCB assembly. We also implement strict standards in documentation, engineering and inspection. This is to ensure the quality of the PCBs we fabricate and deliver.

Contact us today and let us discuss your PCB requirements.