Quick Turn PCB: How to Get a Fast Order-to-Delivery Time

by superadmin on July 10, 2017 in Blog

Many technological and industrial companies request for quick turn PCB assembly. It’s often a result of unpredictability. There might be a sudden increase in demand from their customers. Or, their managers might have predicted the growth in their industry and business.

If there were delays in the deliveries of printed circuit boards, companies won’t be able to take advantage of the rising customer demand. This means lost sales and customers. It could also mean the difference between life and death for many companies. Competitors might be able to move in first and acquire the customers.

To prevent this scenario, companies that heavily rely on electronics should have their PCBs ready in a quicker pace (or just-in-time to meet customer demands). Here are ways on how PCB assembly companies address the challenge:

1. Improving efficiency in every process

Aside from the actual PCB fabrication, there are other processes wherein engineers can shorten the cycle time. One is the order entry in which the clients send the design and specifications for the printed circuit boards.

For example, receiving and confirming the order might actually take weeks or months. Planning, back and forth communication and inspection of the design will add to that time. This is valuable window that could be instead dedicated to actual production.

Engineers and managers may address this by minimising communication and meetings. Collaboration is important. However, it can take more time than needed. Communication and meetings can be minimised by setting up clear and consistent specifications in the first place.

2. Batching

Many engineers and managers were able to meet quick turn requests by dividing the quota into a few or several batches. Clients can still have their printed circuit boards and use them for their products. They can still somehow meet customer demand and reduce lost opportunities.

However, this can increase expenses due to more frequent deliveries. Depending on the costs and objectives of the clients, they can still opt to this especially if it’s about having a first-mover competitive advantage in the market.

3. Complete turnkey solution

Aside from batching and improving efficiency, another way to fulfil quick turn requests is by applying a complete turnkey solution. This is where the manufacturer takes care of the design, manufacturing, quality control and packaging.

Clients benefit from this because there will be reduced communication and coordination. Cost savings will also result because all of the processes are occurring in one site. There will be reduced transport costs. Economies of scale will also be at work here. Time and cost savings will enable clients to meet customer demand as a result.

Quick turn PCB Australia

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