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Information we will need to prepare a quote for a Printed Circuit Board Assembly

(a) Bill of Materials including:

  • A description of the part ie integrated circuit, resistor etc.
  • Component PCB reference numbers (component code).
  • Manufacturer’s part numbers including all characters which describe tolerances, case style, and temperature range, etc.
  • Quantity of each component required on each board.
  • Preferred manufacturers, vendors or distributors for components.

(b) Manufacturing PCB files including:

  • A top level board layout showing component placement.
  • Board dimensions.
  • PCB material including board thickness, copper thickness and finish (platings etc).
  • Board Layers ie single sided, double sided, multi-layer – order of layers.
  • Total number of holes on the board.
  • Number of different hole sizes.
  • Type of mask(s) required.
  • Component code(s) if required.

(c) Batch Quantity:

  • Quantity per batch.
  • Frequency of batch.
  • Annual Usage.

(d) Required delivery schedule

(e) Details of any non standard or unique mechanical mounting of components eg heatsink assembly details, components on opposite side, links or modifications etc

(f) A Sample (or Photograph)
A sample can provide us with valuable information and identify important assembly issues. In the absence of a sample a photograph of both sides of the assembly that clearly identifies the fitting of the components is required.

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