Commitment to quality

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Quality Manufacturing of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
We have always prided ourselves on giving our customers reliable quality tested PCB Assemblies, delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Quality is a vital element in accomplishing this goal through employee involvement and continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation.

Every employee has the responsibility and authority to identify opportunities for increasing productivity and reducing costs in all areas and to act on behalf of our customers by preventing any possible delivery of non-conforming product or service.

A brief overview of our Quality Control System

in the Production of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.

1. Bill of Material checking:
All Bills of Material are checked and verified for accuracy and transferred to our computer system where any additional information required to assist production is added.

2. Goods Inwards Inspection:
All goods received are checked and verified for quantity and description i.e. Value, ratings, physical dimensions etc. When all goods have been inspected, they are kitted into job lots and accordingly identified by the Bill of Materials title. Any shortages or discrepancies are noted on a Shortage Sheet report.

3. Production:
All Through Hole Printed Circuit Board Assemblies are programmed for assembly on our Laser Lite assembly stations which provide computer control of the laser beam for component placement. The correct component bin rotates on a carousel inside the assembly table and is presented to the operator through an opening at the front. After component insertion, a built-in mechanical cutter trims all leads to the same length. This method of assembly produces a product that can be uniformly repeated.

All Surface Mount assemblies are programmed from their printed circuit board files and are checked against the customers Bill of Materials. First off production is fully inspected and verified before proceeding.

Anti-static protection is installed at all work stations throughout
the production process. All operators are made aware of the quality requirements of the product and are encouraged to highlight any discrepancies. Customer samples are used for reference.

All PCB assemblies are inspected for quality of soldering and any variance from standards is rectified.

The Standards used for reference throughout the entire process are ANSI-J-Std 001 and ANSI/IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies and related Standards.

4. Final Inspection:
All PCB Assemblies are subjected to 100% Quality Control inspection where all aspects of the assembly are visually inspected and verified against customer samples. All polarized components are checked for correct placement.

5. Electrical Testing:
Testing is carried out by qualified technicians using up to date test equipment calibrated to requirements.