PCB Production: What are the Essential Steps?

by superadmin on June 30, 2017 in Blog

PCB production has been a critical part of many manufacturing processes for the recent decades. It’s the result of our heavy reliance on electronics. In addition, advances in circuitry and electronics have allowed many other companies to use the technology for their devices.

However, only a few companies actually specialise in the production of printed circuit boards. From design up to the deliveries, the steps could be complex. Furthermore, qualified personnel and specialists should handle all the processes because of the importance of PCBs in many devices and consumer gadgets.

Here are the general processes that qualified engineers usually perform:

1. Design

Many companies from different industries (e.g. computer, telecommunications, smartphones, scientific equipment, automotive) often have specific requirements according to their industry. It’s a result of policies, regulations and purpose of the PCB.

That’s why these companies provide the design of the PCBs and hand it over to the manufacturer. The designer will inspect the layout and specifications to ensure there are no errors. Then, the manufacturer will prepare the processes, personnel and equipment for PCB fabrication.

2. Fabrication

Planning is a critical part of the whole fabrication process. The working environment should be controlled (e.g. temperature, humidity) and precise imaging should be in place to “copy” the original design.

In addition to adhering to specifications, PCB fabrication is also about meeting deadlines and production schedules. This is especially the case with large-scale fabrication or sudden demand for the clients’ products.

When everything is in place, the production commences. Engineers will perform inspections every step of the way to ensure all the equipment yield precise and accurate results. Inspections will also be performed after fabrication of all needed PCBs (or per batch).

3. Inspection

This is where quality control and assurance come in. Engineers will confirm if the final products meet the original design and specifications. They will also determine if the PCBs are acceptable for use in the specific application of the clients.

Engineers and qualified technicians can perform Automatic Optical Inspection and electrical testing. They might also perform other tests depending on customer requirements.

PCB production Australia

The production process of printed circuit boards often has many requirements and specifications. A few companies specialise in these so everything will be up to global standards.

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