PCB Fabrication Australia: How Quality is Maintained

by superadmin on June 1, 2017 in Blog

PCB fabrication has become more valuable in Australia and other developed countries due to the need for high-precision and high-quality electronics. Many industries rely on it for their production including:

  • Computer industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Scientific equipment
  • Defence
  • Mining
  • Educational
  • Automotive
  • And other industries

For small and large applications (whether it is low-volume or high-volume), quality control and assurance is essential. This way, the industries mentioned above will be able to meet requirements and customer expectations.

Definition of Quality Control

Maintaining quality is about confirming if the products meet the specifications. This is accomplished by testing a sample and comparing it against the given specification or original design.

For example, in the assembly of printed circuit boards, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) will be performed before lamination and other processes. The PCB is scanned and the image is then compared with the original design. This makes it possible to spot mistakes in the production.

The quality control process is essential especially in automated processes where large volumes of items are produced. Mistakes and issues can scale up during the production process. These should be corrected early on before proceeding with the packaging and delivery (or before ramping up the production).

Testing of materials for assembly

Many of the initial materials come from worldwide suppliers. These materials and components should be first tested before putting them into use.

To meet client specifications, the materials and the processes should meet strict standards. Additional information regarding safety might also be needed for production and assembly.

PCB fabrication Australia

Printed circuit boards require strict standards because of their importance to many of the world’s vital industries. There should also be a commitment to continuous improvement (reducing costs, identifying opportunities, increasing productivity).

That is why at Allegro Services, we are committed to identifying non-conforming products early on before delivery to our customers. We also meet the strict standards and procedures of our global clients.

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